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Update | 3rd Tradition

anonymous anonymous began with a simple tweak to the 12 Traditions, namely with the 3rd Tradition.

For the first year and 8 months of our organization, the 3rd Tradition read…

“The only requirement for membership is the desire to be your best self…”

anonymous anonymous… Original 3rd Tradition

As of 2021-08-22, the 3rd Tradition adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous has been further adapted to read…

“The only suggestion for joining us is a desire to be your best self…”

anonymous anonymous… Second 3rd Tradition

This change of wording relates to the effort to be trauma-informed in our organization. The word “requirement” was replaced with “suggestion”, as everything in this program is a suggestion. We do not dispense professional advice, or have any threshold for joining us. “Joining us” replaced “membership” as we do not have a distinction between members or non-members, any being may join us in our endeavor. “The” was replaced by “a”, an indefinite article indicating that this desire is variable, and reflected differently for oneself…

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